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SOCAR Downstream Management is launched to manage the Modernization and Reconstruction Project in Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery (HAOR). HAOR is specialized in processing 15 different products including but not limited to gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, coke, asphalt, lubricants, etc., and meets the entire domestic demand for petroleum products and exports more than 40% of the products overseas. Aligned with the Modernization and Reconstruction Project Refinery aims to install several new grass root process units, the relevant utilities offsite and revamp existing units with the final intention to upgrade the capacity and meanwhile meet the requirements of Euro 5 standards to establish an ecologically friendly environment. In the meantime, one of the main missions of the company is to ensure the transformation to modern corporate governance and cultural change within the framework of the Operational Excellence Program with the deep involvement of international consultant companies. İn the scope of the project we are planning to hire new employees to SOCAR Downstream organization to operate a newly constructed brownfield refinery. Socar Downstream Management offers you an equal working environment, the opportunity to work in an enterprise with a modern management system, focused on operational excellence, a competitive salary, professional training, and development opportunities.